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Risk Management & Insurance

We offer a full service risk management consultancy that provides expert, proactive and independent risk management consulting services and insurance advice to governments, associations, insurance brokers, and corporate clients.


As companies evolve, their risk profile becomes more complex and specialized expertise is required to insure that risk identification, strategy and ultimately insurance all remain effective. Larger companies have risk management and insurance departments to address the risks they face.


Sometimes smaller to mid-sized companies find having a dedicated risk management and insurance department may not be practical. We can be their resource by providing the cost-effective services they need. 


For those corporations with a full risk management and insurance department We can provide specific services on a task basis for those times that they have a temporary staff shortage or a knowledge gap.


As an independent risk management consultancy with expertise within the insurance industry across many sectors, we provide risk management services to governments and corporate clients.


  • Risk identification and analysis.

  • Determination of  alternate risk techniques

  • Advice on the availability of insurance

  • Total cost of risk analysis

  • Drafting insurance related documents

  • Seminars eligible for Continuing Education Credits on a variety of risk and insurance topics.

  • Claims Management: We have expertise in all aspects of claims management.

  • Loss Control Inspections: Through our association with Will Burtenshaw, we can provide loss control inspection services.

  • Enterprise Risk Management: Through our association with Ken Baker, an experienced ERM practitioner,  we can provide ERM services.

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